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About Us

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Best Sanitizer supplying the public with hand sanitizers and hand sanitizer dispensers. Who would have thought that hand sanitizer would be one of the major commodities of the roaring ’20s? The global landscape of interaction and hygiene has changed more drastically in the last couple of months than in the last ten years. In particular, we as humans have had to change how we socialize and do things. In order to keep safe and minimize the risk of contracting Corona.

It has become increasingly clear that it will be some time still before we can go back to anything that resembles normality. The way of life we were familiar with before 2020. Our company was created with the vision of providing government-approved sanitizer. This means that we sell sanitizer that contains 72% alcohol, 1.45% glycerine and 0.125% hydrogen peroxide with water. This mixture is highly effective in killing germs – helping to keep the UK safe.

COVID and importance of providing businesses supplies and community our company was started by a group who understands that in reality, one has to go out to work as it is the best way to get things done. As a result, we sell sanitizer to businesses and the larger community to ensure
that people can stay safe. Enabling people to live, operate, and function with some degree of normalcy in this new normal.

Furthermore, we appreciate the fact that not everyone has the luxury of laptops, or cars, or deep pockets to assist them with things such as online shopping. We as a human race are born with the ability to explore, perceive and obtain an understanding of something by simply doing things – we know people cannot just sit at home all day. Thus, we sell alcohol sanitizer and all the other gimmicks needed to ensure customers and employer can sanitize at shops and businesses, without touching others.

What Best Sanitizer Offers

Best Sanitizer sells a wide range of sanitizer related products. We sell products to assist businesses in ensuring that their staff maintain hygiene. We also sell products to households to help families and individuals ensure that they minimize the risk of bringing the disease into their household. It is recommended to keep sanitizer in a clearly designated spot, where it is accessible– ensuring everyone will use it.

We offer the following range of products:

Stainless steel pedal dispensers, automatic hand sanitization stations coupled with five-litre bottles. Our effective Best Sanitizer can also come in gel pumps or 12 packs of gel pumps. We also sell isolation gowns, face shields, air disinfection devices, isolation overalls, adjustable face shield, alcohol spray, and refills for alcohol spray and gel pumps.

Furthermore, you can buy bundle packs to get a discount. We are online and deliver anywhere in the UK.

Where you can get your Best Sanitizer

We provide a wide range of PPE and health and safety products at our hand sanitizer shop. However, if you are uncertain about something or not sure which PPE to get for your business, feel free to email us at sales@bestsanitizer.co.uk. Alternatively, you can call us at 08001937717. Best Sanitizer distributes all our products via delivery to the entire UK.

We sell a wide range of equipment such as pedal dispensers, automatic dispensers, and air cleaners. We also sell our sanitizer as a gel or spray, in bundles or single units. Never stop to try to be environmentally friendly and sell refills for our spray bottles and gel pumps. Furthermore, we sell face shields, isolation gowns and overalls. Get in touch with us and we will supply the Personal Protective Equipment you need.

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