Virus and Germ Protection with Sanitizer

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Virus and Germ Protection with Sanitizer

Best Sanitizer – Deters the Spread of Germs

The current global climate has forced the world to look at sanitizers in a whole new light. COVID19 has caused a sanitized lifestyle to become the norm. The normal cleansing procedure of soap and water might not kill the invisible bacteria and viruses lurking on your skin. This is why a cleaning product like Best Sanitizer works best for protection against germs. Best Sanitizer has a range of professional, clinical hand sanitizers designed for medical applications. If soap and water are not available, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% ethanol. Best sanitizer even exceeds the 70% alcohol content recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for use in epidemics and in surgical areas. Best Sanitizer contains 72% Denaturated Ethyl Alcohol, 1,45% Glycerine, 0,125% Hydrogen Peroxide and water. These vital compounds are what makes Best Sanitizer kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi, including HIV, E Coli, Corona Virus, Influenza, C1D1 and many more in seconds.


Best Sanitizer – Our Germ Fighting Products

In the fight against germs and bacteria you get the best germ protection with Best Sanitizer. We have developed a range of products to protect you and your loved ones at home and work. To make sure you are using Best Sanitizer properly as it is important to follow government advice on how to use alcohol hand sanitizer. With Best Sanitizer, you can choose from sanitizer gel or sanitizer spray range. You can also choose from a 500ml sanitizer with a pump commonly used for cleaning, disinfecting and moisturizing hands. Best Sanitizer also manufactures stainless steel, pedal operated, hand sanitizer dispensers. The dispenser has a built-in 55 litre sanitizer reservoir with 5 litres of hand sanitizer included. No installation is required to set it up and it allows for extra germ protection because there is no contact with hands when using it. Germ protection with Best Sanitizer is also an important aspect of our pedal operated hand sanitizer dispenser. It allows for touch-free hand sanitation and is also 100% mechanically operated. The light to medium traffic pedal operated hand sanitizing stand enables no hands contact when using the dispenser. It also comes with 5 litres of compatible hand sanitizer.

Isolation Gowns UK And PPE

Best Sanitizer also manufactures green disposable isolation gowns and white disposable isolation gowns as well as protective face shields and masks. Best Sanitizer’s green disposable isolation gowns are made of environmentally friendly material which is very soft and comfortable. Wearing these isolation gowns you can be assured of germ protection with Best Sanitizer. It allows for ¾ coverage and ensures safety and cleanliness. Its durable material allows for great protection from invisible germs. Best Sanitizer also produces foam padded face shield with a black elastic band and clear lens. Germ protection with Best Sanitizer is guaranteed as the face shield can be worn with safety glasses and/or respirators to provide enhanced protection against bacterial and viral infections from airborne pathogens.


Choose Best Sanitizer to Keep Your World Clean

Best Sanitizer products are not only comfortable but also safe and affordable when compared to other protection products. You especially get your money’s worth when buying in-bulk as you get a discount. Germ Protection with Best Sanitizer is especially effective when buying in bulk for your staff at work. You will get the Best Sanitizer product that is effectively packed and delivery is fast, including the best automatic touchless hand sanitizer dispenser in the UK, as well as freestanding sanitiser dispensers. It pays in the long run to get a protective product like Best Sanitizer where its sanitizer is able to kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Shop our all our range of hand sanitiser dispensers today! To find out more about Best Sanitizer germ protective products visit our PPE and Sanitizer Shop.

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